The right to water is enshrined in the Zimbabwean Constitution and in statute law. This is one of the most important developments effected by the 2013 Constitution because the fulfilment and enjoyment of all other rights such as food, health, life, work and education directly hinge on it. There is, however, an urgent need to not only re-think but effectively implement environmental good governance to ensure the full realisation of this right.   The mounting climate crisis, evident through extreme weather events, makes urgent the need for the protection of the country’s delicate ecosystems, such as wetlands. A well-synchronised, legislative and institutional framework for both wise use and the restoration of degraded wetlands, would significantly contribute to averting some of the country’s climate change related challenges. As an important component of the earth’s climate system, wetlands, if wisely used, protected and restored, can contribute to climate change mitigation.   

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Sikhululekile Mashingaidze entered into the governance field while she was a part-time enumerator for Mass Public Opinion Institute’s diversity of research projects during her undergraduate years. She has worked with Habakkuk Trust, Centre for Conflict Resolution (CCR-Kenya), Mercy Corps Zimbabwe and Action Aid International Zimbabwe, respectively. This has, over the years, enriched her grassroots and national level governance projects’ implementation and management experience. Her academic research interests are in the field of genocide studies, driven by her commitment to deepen her understanding of girls and women’s experiences and their agency in reconstituting everyday life, and their inclusion in peace-building and transitional justice processes. Socially, she has a keen commitment to supporting girls education, women’s economic empowerment and the fulfilment of their equitable and sustainable development in Africa’s underserved, often hard-to-reach communities. She enjoys writing and telling the stories of navigating everyday life.