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Our vision is for an Africa where citizens are empowered, governments are effective, businesses thrive, poverty is eradicated, and GGA is the pre-eminent partner for advancing good governance.

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Our Programmes

Good Governance Africa’s research covers the following topics

Focused on enhancing regional stability, this programme collaborates with the African Union and Southern African Development Community to address emerging threats through innovative research and peace initiatives. It aims to build expertise in conflict resolution, mediation, and assessing the societal impact of conflict, ultimately transforming how communities engage with peace and security.

This initiative leverages data to enhance governance at local, provincial, and national levels. It includes developing a Governance Performance Index, monitoring elections, protecting freedoms, and improving public service quality. The programme aims to empower communities through increased governance transparency and accountability.

This programme is aiming to drive inclusive economic growth and strengthen rule of law, this programme focuses on property rights, business investment, combating corruption, and facilitating trade. It seeks to improve institutional frameworks to support sustainable economic development and enhance public and private sector ethics.

This programme tackles the challenges of resource governance and the impacts of climate change. It connects extractive industries to green industrialisation, promotes environmental justice, and anticipates the climate-conflict nexus, aiming to educate and engage communities for a sustainable future.

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Dedicated to harnessing technology for societal good, this programme addresses the challenges of digitalisation and artificial intelligence while combating disinformation. It focuses on protecting vulnerable populations from online harms and fostering informed and responsible digital citizenry.

GGA is committed to addressing Africa’s growing disaffection and lack of engagement with democracy through the Advocates for Good Governance Programme (AGGP). The AGGP encourages citizens to actively participate in the governance process, both during and between election cycles, to foster a more engaged and responsive democracy.

Our Regions, Centres and Coverage

Good Governance Africa operates centres across Africa for pan-African reach. Each of our centres is operated by a local team with local knowledge to offer context-driven interventions in our united mission to enhance governance across the continent.

Eastern Africa Regional Office

Good Governance Africa-Eastern Africa (GGA-EA) is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where the headquarters of the African Union and Economic Commission for Africa are also situated. This GGA regional office is dedicated to working in Eastern Africa and liaising with the African Union.

Nigeria Regional Office

Good Governance Africa – Nigeria aims to contribute to good governance, through research, policy engagement and other activities that help promote sustainable socio-economic development in Africa’s largest economy and most populous country.

Southern Africa Regional Office

Over the past year, GGA-SARO has been redefining our approach to maximise impact. Recognising the limitations of traditional top-down strategies, we are transitioning from a think-tank to a do-tank, employing both top-down and bottom-up methods. This dual approach expands our reach, involving direct engagement in community programmes such as our girl child project, born from identifying challenges faced by African girls. This shift ensures our research is grounded in reality, enhancing our credibility and effectiveness.

West Africa Regional Office

Good Governance Africa – West Africa (GGA-WA) strongly believes that a democratic society with a proactive practice of transparency, accountability and the rule of law is on the right development pathway. GGA-WA, therefore, is deliberate in promoting these ideals in its programmes and activities across different sectors in Ghana and in other selected West African countries.

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Gas plan is a regional opportunity

Gas plan is a regional opportunity

In the wake of South Africa cementing itself as a coalition nation — through forming a government of national unity — attention is focused on re-elected President Cyril Ramaphosa to announce a new cabinet. The new ministers will pick up from where the sixth democratic...

Democracy must deliver development

Democracy must deliver development

Effective governance, infrastructure improvement, and human capital development are crucial for democracies like Nigeria and South Africa to meet the needs of their citizens. Without these elements, democracy fails to improve lives, leading to social discontent and...

Water, water everywhere but Zambia is water insecure

Water, water everywhere but Zambia is water insecure

Zambia has vast freshwater resources, including major tributaries of the Zambezi River and significant lakes such as Bangweulu, Mweru and Tanganyika. The country receives moderate rainfall, averaging 967mm annually, with the south getting about 600mm and the north...

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