Angola Elections Tracker 2022

Introduction Political commentators predict that the Angolan 2022 electoral contest is set to be one of its most...

Empower women for the betterment of our societies

In South Africa, August is regarded as Women’s Month, with 9 August celebrated as National Women’s Day. It is a...

Angolan election on 24 August is only for show

Angola's general elections take place on 24 August, but there is little hope that democracy will prevail in this...

New local councils must prioritise indigent households

A key takeaway from the recently published Non-Financial Census of Municipalities (NFCM) is the need for the...

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José Eduardo dos Santos – a legacy of kleptocracy

José Eduardo dos Santos – a legacy of kleptocracy

After a brief two-year retirement in Barcelona, and a battle with ill health, Angola’s former president – José Eduardo dos Santos – has died at age 79. Dos Santos ruled with an iron fist for 38 years, treating one of Africa’s richest countries as his personal fiefdom....

Surviving childhood in Africa

Surviving childhood in Africa

Policymaking lessons we can learn from Africa’s experience with reducing child mortality A persistent theme within commentary on policymaking across Africa is an emphasis on the “negative lessons” we can draw from policymaking failures. Questions are asked about what...


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COP26: What should be at the top of Africa’s agenda?

In November, the United Kingdom will host the 26th annual United Nations (UN) global climate summit – called COP – or “Conference of the Parties” in Glasgow. COP26 (delayed by a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic) has a unique urgency and could prove to be one of the most important conferences of our time. Most experts agree that the…


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Russia in Ukraine: South Africa’s unprincipled stance 

Russia in Ukraine: South Africa’s unprincipled stance 

The South African government’s policy on Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine comes in the context of its record on human rights internationally, which is a sorry tale. In the pursuit of its own agenda internationally over the past 15 years, the ANC has conflated...

New patterns of political violence in SA

New patterns of political violence in SA

The nature of political violence in South Africa has changed over the decades since the first democratic election in 1994, becoming more intense and also concentrated in the local municipal landscape. The assassinations of counsellors in KZN last year show how those...

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