We are Hiring! Head of Programmes SADC

An exciting opportunity exists for a Research Phd with Project & Management experience to head up the Programmes division of GGA SADC.  Please see...

Ghana’s cities must be robust and governance friendly

“Young men and women form a group and decide to live in the slums where no one can control their lives. Through our work, I have come across many...

Global cities offer lessons to Lagos on dynamic optimisation of transport

Introduction Commuting between mainland Lagos and the central business districts on the island remains a lot more onerous than it should. Long...

From around Africa

Forging their own paths

Forging their own paths

Is Africa ready for the future? Is the continent ready to tackle the technological disruption and challenges of a rapidly changing world? Importantly, are its young people ready to take up the mantle of change? Africa’s youth have moved from relative obscurity in...

Act now or risk losing an entire generation

Act now or risk losing an entire generation

Africa’s youth employment and education trends are worrying. Over the next few years much of the continent will be affected by two trends, namely continued high levels of unemployment and continuing high fertility rates. The latter, in particular, will lead to bulging...

From unexpressed anger to participation

From unexpressed anger to participation

The year was 2002 and the location a bank’s training facility in a quiet area of Nairobi. They all came from different countries but had one thing in common: every young woman and man in the room had been able to discuss their ideas concerning youth participation in...


Good Governance Africa (GGA) was established in 2012 as an independent, registered non-profit organisation – with offices in South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana – with the aim of promoting better governance in Africa to improve the lives of all citizens.
We research, analyse and interpret information aligned with our focus areas across context-driven centres in Africa. GGA conducts targeted research, promotes fact-based knowledge and propagates ethical values and aligned strategic partnerships.

Through our flagship publications, the quarterly Africa in Fact journal and annual Africa Survey, GGA generates and publishes content representing an Afro-centric voice, with hard-hitting reportage and in-depth analysis, including key economic, social and political indicators on all the countries on the continent.



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