Benedict Omondi, a farmer at Siteko Village, Busia County, western Kenya, is a bamboo farmer and a stakeholder in the Sio-Siteko transboundary wetland that traverses the Kenya-Uganda border. The wetland covers an estimated ​​415 km2 and thousands of people live within its basin. According to global not-for profit Wetlands International, the once papyrus laden watershed has suffered from the onslaught of local communities who have turned it into farm and grazing land, with the widespread clearance of trees and the papyrus that conserves water. But on a visit to Omondi’s farm, one is welcomed by chirping birds and the shade of the bamboo trees he has planted that have revived the section of wetland on his land and which hold the promise of regeneration for the Sio-Siteko wetlands as a whole.

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Justus Wanzala is a Kenyan journalist who writes on the environment, climate
change, agriculture and practical technologies as well as sustainable development and social issues. Currently, he works for the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation and as a freelancer/contributor for various publications across the globe.