Newsletter No.16

Zambia Election Day 2021: Summary
By Dr Craig Moffat, Monique Bennett and Stuart Mbanyele

On 12 August, Zambians exercised their voting rights and participated in the general elections, which produced an emphatic victory for the main opposition. As part of our election coverage, this piece unpacks the day’s main developments and provides a compelling summary.
Africa in Fact

Issue 58

This issue examines the state of relations between the United States, looking at how the new Biden administration is likely to reshape its foreign policy towards the continent, against the background of its stance during the cold war and post-cold war eras but, more particularly, what America intends to do, if anything, to reverse some of the damaging foreign policy decisions of the Trump administration.
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From regime change to fostering strong democratic institutions
By Gideon Chitanga

Read more in our latest edition of Africa in Fact, which examines the state of relations between United States and Africa. In this piece, Gideon Chitanga discusses how the US may shift from focusing on the regime change approach to fostering strong democratic institutions in Africa.
Rwanda and Mozambique army forces take control of key northern port of Mocimboa da Praia
By Chris Maroleng

Tune in on Newzroom Afrika as Chris Maroleng, GGA SADC Executive Director, shares in-depth analysis of the Rwandan and Mozambican army forces taking control of the key port of Mocimboa da Praia in Cabo Delgado Province in Mozambique. For more insights on the topic, see our engaging Mozambique multimedia story here.
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Africa Union and Israel’s Observer Status – Unpacking the fuss
By Dr Craig Moffat and EM Hoza

In this fascinating piece, Dr Moffat and multilateral diplomacy expert and diplomat, EM Hoza, explain the reasons for the sharp reaction to Israel being granted observer status to the African Union.
Governance matters more than ever for South Africa
By Dr Ross Harvey

At GGA, we have been Reading Between the Lines of the violent insurrection that unfolded in July across KwaZulu-Natal and parts of Gauteng in South Africa. Read Dr Harvey’s latest instalment in the series, which examines some of the historical dynamics that account for this ‘perfect storm’.