Newsletter No.12

The state of local governance in South Africa
by Stuart Mbanyele

With the upcoming South African local government elections in October, read our analysis piece, first published in Business Day, in which Stuart Mbanyele explains why effective governance is important beyond the 2021 municipal elections.
Africa in Fact


This issue examines the state of relations between the United States, looking at how the new Biden administration is likely to reshape its foreign policy towards the continent, against the background of its stance during the cold war and post-cold war eras but, more particularly, what America intends to do, if anything, to reverse some of the damaging foreign policy decisions of the Trump administration.
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Is South Africa ready for coalition government?
by Ronak Gopaldas

Read more in our latest edition of Africa in Fact that examines the state of relations between the United States and Africa. In this piece, Francis Kornegay discusses the current and future challenges faced by Africa within the global strategic context and how US policy towards Africa will need be to be reconceptualised.
Learning from the experience of others – vaccine rollouts from around the world
by Dr Craig Moffat and Monique Bennett

Read our latest piece for a comparative overview of the COVID-19 pandemic vaccination rollout and the lessons that can be learned from around the world.
Lesotho’s political impasse - A case of déjà vu?
By Dr Craig Moffat

In this piece, Dr Moffat sheds light on the political uncertainty in Lesotho and the root causes of it as the country approaches its general election in 2022. .
Chris Maroleng analyses the clashes at the Pan African Parliament 2021
by Good Governance AFrica

Our executive director, Chris Maroleng weighs in on the recent Pan African Parliament violent clashes with various new outlets. For more insights, visit our website to watch the interviews.
Measuring up: where is ESG performance in extractives?

by Busisipho Siyobi
Due to growing external pressures, businesses are being compelled to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles into day-to-day business decisions and long-term investment strategies. For greater insights into ESG issues within the extractives industry read our analysis piece here.