Newsletter No.11

South Africa’s COVID-19 vaccine roll-out - a dream deferred?
by Dr Craig Moffat and Monique Bennet

As concerns rise over South Africa’s slow vaccination rate, read our analysis on how the bottlenecks should be resolved.
Africa in Fact


Read our latest edition of Africa In Fact, where we examine the legacy of Africa’s liberation movements and the extent to which they continue to influence politics today.
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The taste of freedom
by Jonna Kotta

Read our compelling stories on the legacy of Africa’s liberation movement on our latest edition of Africa in Fact. In this piece, Jonna Kotta explores how food is connected to remembering and making sense of Mozambique’s liberation struggle.
SADC technical deployment to Mozambique
by Dr Craig Moffat

Read our latest analysis on SADC technical deployment to Mozambique in light of the deepening Cabo Delgado crisis.
Overturning the injustices of development economics in resource extraction
by Dr David Matsinhe

In closing off our Reversing the Resource Curse campaign, Dr David Matsinhe from Amnesty International shared his insights on how to develop and strengthen collaborative intervention to reverse the ‘resource curse’.
Call for a National Dialogue in Zimbabwe
by Dr Craig Moffat

In this piece, read and understand how the National Dialogue process can be used as a mechanism to resolve Zimbabwe’s ongoing governance crisis. This contribution follows an enriching webinar we hosted in partnership with SAPES Trust aimed at addressing the governance issues in Zimbabwe. For more insights, watch the recorded webinar here.
The Escalation of Extremist Violence in Southern Africa and the Need for More Collaborative Security Responses

by Stephen Buchanan-Clarke

As attacks continue to escalate in Mozambique, read our analysis on extremist violence and the need for more collaborative security responses in the Southern Africa region. The chapter was published within our Extremisms in Africa anthology series.