Newsletter No.14

Media statement on the chaos and looting in South Africa
By Good Governance Africa SADC

A press release by GGA SADC calls for the restoration of order, and laments the loss of life suffered this week in the violent looting in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.
Zuma’s prison sentence is good news for governance
By Dr Ross Harvey

As we continue to bring you structural analysis of the ongoing civil unrest in South Africa, read our piece analysing why it is critical that members of the ruling elite be held to account in the wake of former president Jacob Zuma’s recent arrest.
Africa in Fact

Issue 58

This issue examines the state of relations between the United States, looking at how the new Biden administration is likely to reshape its foreign policy towards the continent, against the background of its stance during the cold war and post-cold war eras but, more particularly, what America intends to do, if anything, to reverse some of the damaging foreign policy decisions of the Trump administration.
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Rethinking US-African relations: policy and constituency challenges
By Francis Kornegay

Read more in our latest edition of Africa in Fact that examines the state of relations between the United States and Africa. In this piece, Francis Kornegay discusses the current and future challenges faced by Africa within the global strategic context and how US policy towards Africa will need be to be reconceptualised.
Unpacking malfeasance in South Africa's municipalities
By Stuart Mbanyele

As South Africa prepares for the local government elections in October, read our latest piece that details malfeasance in South Africa’s municipalities and analyses its root causes.
Mozambique and SADC - a case of strange bedfellows?
By Dr Craig Moffat

Read our follow-up of recent Cabo Delgado developments in light of last month's Extraordinary SADC Summit attended by the SADC regional heads in Maputo, Mozambique, in Dr Craig Moffat’s piece below.
A Mozambican dilemma - SADC or friendly and brotherly countries?
By Dr Craig Moffat

Read our latest coverage on the ongoing Cabo Delgado developments where we help you to read between the lines and understand the complexities behind the military support offered to Mozambique by SADC and several other countries to end violent extremism in Cabo Delgado.
Trouble in the Kingdom of eSwatini

By Stephen Buchanan-Clarke

Pro-democracy protests have erupted in the Kingdom of eSwatini; read our latest analysis piece examining whether King Mswati III will be willing to accede to the calls of a citizenry frustrated by the status quo.