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Demystifying the science

Digital tools: mining the data An African NPO combines traditional investigative reporting techniques with data analysis and geo-mapping to help track eco-offences South Africa has laws and processes in place that cater for public participation in the environmental...

A clear and present threat

Climate change: perceptions and experiences Although nearly 60% of Africans are aware of climate change, some of the continent’s most influential countries lag behind in widespread awareness Across the continent, African citizens have begun to witness the consequences...

Leading from the front

Youth: their time is now Young people are playing a crucial role in advancing climate action and climate justice Climate change continues to threaten human existence, economic growth and the livelihoods of vulnerable populations, and experts predict that Africa will...

Can carbon trading work in Africa?

Carbon emissions: room to grow There’s big potential for Africa to participate in international carbon markets given its ability to contribute to greenhouse gas mitigation Carbon emissions trading is a market-based mechanism for trading pollution credits among...