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Between a rock and a hard place

The Sahel: Africa’s Great Green Wall The African Union’s ambitious plans to revitalise the Sahel region face daunting challenges, including financial fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic It is a project that doesn't lack ambition. The African Union's Great Green Wall...

Threatened to extinction

Cameroon: culture clash Urbanisation and acculturation in Cameroon are eroding traditional conservation practices that helped maintain the equilibrium of the ecosystem Armand Boui has a problem. The 57-year-old native of Mongonam in the Kadey Division of Cameroon -...

Going to waste

Solar power: the dark side Traded as environmentally sound, solar power leaves waste that could engulf Africa in the same way as plastic Daniel Wesonga, a resident of Moi Farm village in western Kenya, is a happy man since purchasing a small solar lamp the size of a...

Shadows over Sunshine City

Harare: wetlands Land invasions and illegal development threaten the source of water to Zimbabwe’s capital Once referred to as the "Sunshine City" - not only because the sun shines on Harare most days of the year, but because of its cleanliness and orderliness -...