PODCAST: 4IR in Africa

Africa in Fact Issue 46: Youth. Ronak Gopaldas on 4IR in Africa, read by Adrian...

Africa in Fact: Issue 44

Rewriting the rule book

Rewriting the rule book

With every new election cycle, Nigeria is inching closer to producing its own Emmanuel Macron or Justin Trudeau. That hope is fuelled by the confidence with which the younger generation are aspiring to the highest Nigerian office. A quick run through of the names and...

Forging their own paths

Forging their own paths

Is Africa ready for the future? Is the continent ready to tackle the technological disruption and challenges of a rapidly changing world? Importantly, are its young people ready to take up the mantle of change? Africa’s youth have moved from relative obscurity in...

Act now or risk losing an entire generation

Act now or risk losing an entire generation

Africa’s youth employment and education trends are worrying. Over the next few years much of the continent will be affected by two trends, namely continued high levels of unemployment and continuing high fertility rates. The latter, in particular, will lead to bulging...

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