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Between the lines

Nairobi: youth unemployment The simplistic narrative of a Kenyan rags-to-riches tale reveals how the media is complicit in ignoring the human cost of bad governance Last year, an investigative journalist working for Kenya’s Citizen TV reported a heartrending story....

The enemy within

Nigeria: repressive government vs recalcitrant journalists The Buhari regime’s efforts to muzzle the press threaten to set Nigerian democracy back by decades I was in Lagos chewing roasted corn a little past 6pm one evening in October 2019 when an Abuja - based...

Equidistant from power and opposition

Senegal: a conflict in the public space Journalists have an important role to play in documenting and researching the causes of Senegal’s Casamance conflict, helping to bring political opponents together The democratic culture Senegal is so proud of dates from the...

Telling the story from both sides

Peace journalism: West Africa Conflict-sensitive journalism must ensure inclusive and impartial coverage, with the media fulfilling a role as “appeasers” The media today have a considerable influence in society. They shape the values of individuals, and therefore have...

In search of a new media model

Ethiopia: media in transition The current media system in Ethiopia has yet to yield the desired results of promoting diversity, openness, responsiveness and autonomy Ethiopian society has been in transition for more than a quarter of a century and so have the...