Johannesburg, 5 July 2023 – Good Governance Africa (GGA), an organisation dedicated to promoting effective governance across the African continent, has announced its strategic vision and plans for future expansion.

GGA aims to assist African countries in reaching their true potential and benefiting all their citizens through a coordinated and impactful approach and has already made significant strides, establishing a presence in four key centres, Nigeria, South Africa (SADC), Ghana (West Africa) and Ethiopia (Eastern Africa).

Chairman Robert Rose announced today that the organisation is confident in its ability to expand significantly over the next two decades and will extend these to seven centres with representation and offices in nearly all sub-Saharan African countries.

“Africa holds immense potential to become the most prosperous continent in the future, provided it attracts substantial investment and fosters an enabling environment for economic growth. Many African governments need to build the capacity and develop the expertise necessary to achieve these goals. GGA aims to bridge this gap by advocating responsible governance and facilitating the development of sustainable infrastructure to support Africa’s rapidly growing populations,” Rose said.

To spearhead this growth and facilitate external relationships in the USA, Europe, and the UK, GGA is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Maroleng as the International Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Maroleng, currently the GGA SADC Executive Director, will assume responsibility for nurturing long-term funding relationships with serious funders and share GGA’s vision of making Africa a great success.

As the continent makes significant improvements in governance, GGA anticipates collaboration with major private sector organisations eager to invest in Africa. Furthermore, philanthropic foundations and international governments aligned with GGA’s mission are expected to increase their funding on the assurance of impactful utilisation.

Maroleng’s primary role as International CEO will be to secure sustainable long-term funding for GGA while establishing the organisation as a respected authority on governance in Africa.

Rose said Maroleng would collaborate closely with each African centre, determining their funding requirements to expand their operations and enhance their impact. This collaboration will foster cooperation among the centres, minimising duplication and maximising effectiveness.

”The African continent should be the most successful continent in the future. There is no reason why this should not be the case if it attracts satisfactory levels of investment and creates the necessary environment for economic success. This will enable Africa to significantly grow its infrastructure to sustain its rapidly growing populations at acceptable levels. Africa has everything in abundance to be very successful, and to fulfil its significant potential,” Maroleng said.

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