Rule of Law

C-19: Zimbabwe and the rule of law

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a humanitarian crisis of gigantic proportions, which the UN has warned may escalate global suffering and jeopardise lives and livelihoods “for years to come”.

COVID-19: In Kenya, social media are aflame

The Kenyan Twitterverse turned into a furnace on 15 June after the Kenyan opposition leader, Raila Odinga, displayed his Covid-19 test results on social media and appealed to the people to take tests, sanitise and observe social distancing.

C-19: In South Africa, rule of law questioned

The tenth of April 2020 was a warm autumn day, and Collins Khosa, 40, was sitting in his yard at his home in the Far East Bank of Alexandra township in northern Johannesburg, enjoying a glass of beer. But then South African National Defence Force members tasked with enforcing the lockdown found him.

Ethiopia faces a ‘perfect storm’

A few months ago, security agents intercepted five of Ethiopia’s opposition figures at Addis Ababa airport and took them to a place where individuals contracting the coronavirus were isolated and treated.

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