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Tamrat G Giorgis is the managing editor of Fortune, which covers mainly the economies of Ethiopia and Africa. He has over 28 years experience in nearly every aspect of publishing with more than 11 various publications. He is a member of the Alumni of the University of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Policy and regularly contributes to specialised international publications.

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C-19 in Ethiopia: Cautious during the day, disarmed at night

Burial rituals are an elaborate affair in most of Ethiopia. Burials here have their roots in the Jewish culture of “Shiva”, and they are followed by a period of mourning in which an entire community is engaged as a show of solidarity with those who are grieving.

C-19: Ethiopia and the rule of law

Hardly any of Ethiopia’s state parastatals epitomise the old-fashioned way of doing business more than the National Lottery Administration (NLA).

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