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After Qaddafi

After Qaddafi

Libya: turmoil and civil war The tiny Libyan bourse faces an uphill battle to become a player By Mary Fitzgerald Like so much else in Libya, Tripoli’s fledgling stock exchange came to a standstill...

A low blow, or high-minded?

A low blow, or high-minded?

Kenya: rich tax Kenya’s market quarrels with government over the reintroduction of a levy on capital gains By Mark Kapchanga Since Kenya reintroduced a 5% capital gains tax (CGT) in January, its...

Delusions of grandeur

Rwanda’s fledgling capital market Rwanda aspires to a Singapore-like role in Africa, but is all the excitement about its new stock exchange justified? By David Himbara Rwanda has acquired a...

Slow times in Casablanca

Morocco’s old-school stock exchange Hopes rose this year that a large initial public offering would rejuvenate one of Africa’s oldest bourses, but a lack of reform is constraining trading By Celeste...

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