For more than a decade, the people of Manyenje village, located in Malawi’s southern region district, Blantyre, have longed to have safe and clean water. Though located near Blantyre city centre, this community is forced to use polluted water directly from the Mudi River for domestic purposes. This, despite their tireless efforts to engage responsible office bearers to provide safe, piped water. “I don’t know what we have subjected our bodies to in the past 15 or so years,” laments Group Village Head of Manyenje Michael Chikwanje, who believes the watercourse could be the most polluted river in Blantyre. “The water comes in different dark colours.”  

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Josephine Chinele is multi-award-winning international journalist. She has worked as a news, features and investigative journalist for newspapers, radio and television platforms in Malawi, Tanzania and South Africa. Josephine has also been awarded several prestigious journalism fellowships in the area of HIV and AIDS, health and human rights among others. She is also a biomedical HIV prevention advocate.