West Africa and Ghana face serious security challenges that have consequences for public safety. The sub-region over the years has encountered several unresolved security problems that are further compounded by emerging threats and health pandemics.

The spread of terrorism and religious extremism in the Sahel, increasing poverty and inequality, youth bulge and the increasing unemployed, democratic decline and inadequate provision of public services have all affected the security of West Africa.

The West African Regional Office of GGA is of the firm conviction that research to understand the securi­ty challenges of African countries, particularly those in the West African Sub-region, is imperative in the present conditions on the sub-region.

It will provide a great chance to strengthen knowledge of the collective citizenry and help governments to improve security in these countries to protect life and property. This research by GGA-WARO is therefore a contribution of the Office to help put in better perspective the security sit­uation in the region and help promote discourses based on findings and recommendations.