In the run-up to South Africa’s Local Government Elections on 1 November 2021, it is apparent that municipalities are in a state of decline. Going forward, there is a need to prioritise efficient governance at this level. Watch Good Governance Africa’s Stuart Mbanyele’s interview on ENCA, where he speaks about the importance of Good Governance within municipalities, below:

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Stuart is a Researcher in the Governance Delivery and Impact programme at Good Governance Africa. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Security and Strategic Studies from the University of Pretoria. His dissertation explored the linkages between marginalisation and insecurity, looking at the securitisation of service delivery protests in South Africa. Before joining Good Governance Africa, He was a Junior Research Fellow with the Centre for Law and Society at the University of Cape Town. Before that, he worked as a research consultant at the Institute of Security Studies with the Justice and Violence Prevention Programme and as a Junior Lecturer for the Department of Political Sciences at the University of Pretoria.