Ishmael Ackah is an Energy Economist with experience that spans public service, civil society, private sector and academia. He is the Regulatory and Expert of USAID’s West Africa Energy Program, Ghana. He is a Fellow of the Institute for Economic Affairs and the Energy for Growth Hub. He worked as the Head of Policy Unit, at the Africa Centre for Energy Policy, where he coordinated research and advocacy on accountant ability and transparency in sustainable energy management and petroleum revenue management. Ishmael served as Technical Advisor on Energy and Petroleum Policies to Ghana’s Minister for Planning for 2 years. In this role, he led the team that developed the energy and petroleum sections of the Coordinated Programme for Economic and Social Development Policies (Ghana’s current national vision-2017 to 2024). He was part of the Infrastructure sub-Technical Team that developed the energy demand scenarios for the Ghana Integrated Bauxite Development Authority (GIBADA) in 2018.

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