About us

Good Governance Africa is a research and advocacy non-profit organisation with centres across Africa focused solely on improving governance across the continent.

GGA engages in applied research and stimulates critical debate. All our work is based on exploring and advancing the key governance principles of democracy, accountability and transparency, and combining these with upholding the rule of law and respecting human, civil and property rights.


How we define governance

GGA believes a country is well governed when three broad requirements are met:

  • First, citizens must have a say in how the country is run. This implies that there should be democracy, accountability, and transparency.
  • Second, the rule of law and human, civil, minority and property rights should be upheld and enforced by a legitimate government with separate, independent branches of power.
  • Third, the government should pursue inclusive and growth-oriented policies.




We strive to improve the lives of all citizens by promoting enhanced governance on the continent of Africa.


Our mission is to promote fact-based knowledge that arises through topical research, critical conversations and advocacy.


Our values include integrity, accountability, transparency, tenacity and moral courage.

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