GGA and Advocacy

We engage in advocacy work to facilitate dialogue and encourage citizen action for better governance, we do this through various community and civil society-driven initiatives. Here are some of our key initiatives across the different centres in Africa.

  • We sponsor advanced graduate research, Masters and Ph.D. scholarships
  • Promote specialised thematic research such as an upcoming book on land in Africa
  • We support peace-building initiatives through the Zimbabwe Ukuthula Trust, an organisation that works on civic education, curriculum development and leadership development.
  • We work with public and private sector partners, with civil society and faith-based organisations to open up spaces for engagement around governance at the grassroots level.

GGA-Nigeria will work towards promoting transformation and change from the ground up, by convening and facilitating stakeholder dialogue and investing in Nigeria’s youth.
Our dialogue platforms will contribute to governance and leadership transformation by convening more inclusive forums of change-drivers in Nigeria drawn from politics, business and other social constituencies.

a) GGA’S Change Champions Circle (“The GGA Circle”) will become the pre-eminent convening platform for informal, result-oriented stakeholder dialogue in Nigeria. It will bring together leading policy champions from diverse Nigerian stakeholder groups to engage on their own jointly defined and shared agenda to push for positive and lasting transformation. The Circle will meet for regular, inclusive and ongoing dialogue in an informal setting designed to promote debates that yield results, and which also lends itself to actionable consensus on the key divisive public policy questions. The dialogue series will prioritise issues of national importance affecting Nigeria’s oil-producing communities, agricultural sector, the labour movements, and policing and national security, etc.
b) The GGA Nigeria Association (“The GGA Associates”) – a membership-based association open to all Nigerians – will carry out activities including the organisation of speakers’ meetings on topical governance issues, policy alternatives and institutional reform in Nigeria. This will also in time help to bring together a cadre of GGA volunteers, who will be the spine of our student and community outreach programmes.
c) GGA Youth Activities will include an annual Careers Fair hosted at one of the universities in Lagos; a Climate and Environment Schools Programme; an annual Lagos Model UN to foster greater global awareness among the youth; and a Quiz/Debating competition targeting high schools.