Good Governance Africa are inviting all interested production companies to submit a RFP.

We are looking for a 24-minute TV pilot for sales and promotional purposes, with a two-minute trailer. We are looking for a pilot that can interpret the meaning of the chosen edition (AIF issue 44 – Natural Resources OR issue 45 – Cities. Content from one of these issues needs to be used) in a television documentary that includes appropriate scene-setting, interviews with experts mentioned in the edition and vox-pop interviews with relevant people. The proposed documentary should appropriately explore the key theme of either edition in a commercially viable way. It should establish a cutting-edge design concept that is closely related to the brand identity of the print and digital edition of the journal, as well as developing a strong visual language that effectively engages the intended audience and is appropriately related to the brand identity.

View GGA RFP TV Pilot April18 for the full RFP document, or email: