Policy Events and Collaboration


Expanding our developing outreach to the ECOWAS secretariat in Abuja, we hope to continue facilitating regional efforts to promote improved governance and sustainable development across West Africa.

To be addressed as well are shared challenges of climate change, security and the (green) energy transition throughout the region.

Key themes will be Nigeria’s actual role and future leadership perspectives in the bloc to effectively manage migration flows, maritime security, riverine basins, and food security. GGA-Nigeria contributed to an ECOWAS workshop in 2017 on ‘The Youth Bulge in the ECOWAS Region and its Long-term Implications for Stability.

In the years to come, GGA-Nigeria experts will focus on consolidating our work in this broader regional context, exploring ways in which our three core research pillars at the national level can complement regional engagements and vice versa.

Africa Policy Circle (APC)

GGA-Nigeria is a member of the African Policy Circle, (APC). The APC provides a platform for African civil society, in particular think tanks, to work together and develop new solutions to African problems.

APC takes a transnational approach to governance issues, but also strives to empower its members to inform and influence policy at the country level.

There is collaborative learning and the production of robust, evidence-based research to support common positions and policy recommendations on critical African development issues such as human rights and good governance, illicit financial flows, natural-resource governance and localising the sustainable development goals (SDGs), among others.

African Mining Vision

GGA-Nigeria is the in-country resource centre for the African Union, UNDP, UNECA and the AfDB, partners in the effort to domesticate the African Mining Vision (AMV)

Other highlights

CSR in Action’s  2018 Sustainability in the Extractive Industry (SITEI). GGA-Nigeria was selected to present the 2018 Sustainability in the Extractive Industry (SITEI) conference in Abuja, Nigeria. 

GGA-Nigeria partnered with the Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative (CYFI) for the Capacity Building Engagement in the Atlas Cove communities, Tarkwa Bay, Lagos, Nigeria.

GGA-Nigeria participated in a World Environment Day event at the Ministry of Environment, Lagos State Government on 5 June, 2019.


“Leading change from the community level up.”

GGA-Nigeria Executive Director Dr Ola Bello; EU Ambassador to Malawi, Sandra Paesen; and Ollen Mwalbunju of NICE at the 11th APC meeting in Lilongwe, Malawi. (Photo credit: GGA Nigeria)

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