Evidence-building Stream

To support good governance outcomes we continually strengthen our evidence base, positioning through authoritative research to act as a dialogue convener and thought leader.

We facilitate and catalyse sustainable policy change and governance innovations through our Change Champions Circle and similar initiatives.

We strive to hone a distinctive GGA identity through our high-quality collaborative research. Our evidence base underpins GGA-Nigeria’s budding reputation as a respected go-to voice in Nigerian governance and policy reform debates.




The GGA-Nigeria research stream is our core activity and is organised around three thematic pillars; each reflects Nigeria’s pressing challenges and impending opportunities:



This programme focuses on myriad “software” issues, which currently constrain well-functioning markets and dynamic business sectors in Nigeria.

These include business regulations, institutions and other determinants of private-sector growth and shared economic prosperity.

We proffer policy alternatives to help address constraints and unleash Nigeria’s economic potential.

Priority themes include enhanced corporate governance, competitiveness and corporate sustainability and responsibility.

Through pioneering research and policy innovations, we seek to crystallise the reciprocal responsibilities required of government, business and the wider community in driving a change and transformation agenda.



Reform of Nigeria’s oil and gas sector, along with the re-emerging mining sector, provides the focus for this programme. Closely related is Nigeria’s power shortage, which continues to constrain the economy overall. Although the share of extractive rents in aggregate national output fell after the 2013 economic rebasing, oil and gas remain the major source of government revenue.

Being key levers for social and economic transformation, we seek to tease out innovations and governance re-engineering to promote efficiency, plug leakages and drive competition in these “lifeline” sectors. Priority themes for the programme include transparency and restructuring in oil and gas; the actualisation of Nigeria’s “gas-to-power” push to boost equitable electricity access; and inclusive approaches to mineral resources development, with a focus on industrialisation and structural economic transformation.




This programme aims to analyse, understand and upscale governance innovation. It seeks to systematise knowledge around successful governance experiments and sustainable local transformation models.

In “telling” transformation stories, the programme will help to turn the evidence on innovations into replicable solutions that can be applied and scaled up in relevant contexts across Nigeria’s 36 states.

The programme will pay particular attention to locally inspired accountability frameworks; youth, gender and empowerment ideas; climate innovations, as well as agricultural development and other catalysts at multiple levels of governance in Nigeria.

Where relevant, GGA-Nigeria seeks to play the role of catalyst for governance innovators to link up with higher policy levels and processes, as well as facilitating access to technical and financial support.


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