Community Outreach Stream

As a complement to our core research activities we pursue community outreach through stakeholder collaborations and partnerships.

GGA-Nigeria works to promote transformation and change from the ground up, through convening and facilitating stakeholder dialogues and broader community engagements. First, we actively seek out opportunities to partner with like-minded entities to invest in society through youth, gender and other community empowerment and capacity-building activities.

Second, our dialogue platforms contribute to governance and leadership transformation by bringing stakeholders together in inclusive forums designed to drive collaboration and change.

We draw participants from government, business and other constituencies. A key vehicle for this is our Change Champions Circle. Other multi-level engagement frameworks include the GGA Nigeria Association and the broader West Africa-focused GGA Governance Network (GGAN).

Judicial Ethics Training series for Nigeria’s Supreme and High Court Justices with participation by the Chief Justice of Nigeria. GGA served as facilitator/resource centre in the 2018 Johannesburg and Dubai workshops. (Photo credit: Ola Bello)

a.) GGA-Nigeria Change Champions Circle (The GGA Circle) seeks to be the pre-eminent convening platform for informal, result-oriented stakeholder dialogues in Nigeria. We bring together leading policy champions from diverse Nigerian stakeholder groups to engage on their jointly defined and collectively owned agenda.

This is at the heart of our collaborative push for positive and lasting transformation.

The Circle meets in inclusive, informal dialogue settings designed to promote open debates and foster actionable consensus leading to concrete outcomes.

The dialogue series prioritises issues of national importance, including the concerns of minerals and oil-producing communities, business, labour movements, policing and judicial reform, human security, and also stimulating broad-based civic involvement, among other objectives.

b.) The GGA Nigeria Association (The GGA Associates) is a membership-based association open to all Nigerians. It will carry out activities that include the organisation of speakers’ meetings on topical governance issues, policy alternatives and institutional reforms in Nigeria. It will also, in time, help to bring together a cadre of GGA volunteers, who will be the spine of our student and community outreach programmes.

c.) GGA Youth Activities will include career fairs hosted at Nigerian universities; climate and environment schools programmes; youth workshops to foster global awareness among young people; and a quiz/debating competition for high school students.

d.) Good Governance Africa Network (GGAN)

In the longer term, GGA-Nigeria also wants to make its voice heard on West Africa’s regional challenges and global common good, touching specifically on the question of Nigeria’s leadership and responsibilities within ECOWAS (the regional economic integration bloc).

We will team up with partner institutions across the sub-region to share experience and build capacity.

In 2018, GGA Nigeria facilitated a training workshop with the Ford Foundation on Effective Extractive Advocacy for grant recipients from across West Africa.


“Leading change from the community level up.”