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Previous events held at GGA

GGA Events Summary 2017

Voter Sentiments Survey Launch, 15 March 2017
The event launched a GGA survey on the voter sentiments on governance in South Africa drawn from research conducted after the local government elections in August 2016. The highlight of the event was a presentation of the findings that also featured in an article in the City Press. Attendance varied from journalists to economists and the ordinary citizens. The outcome document is available in all eleven official languages in South Africa.

Panel discussion with the Auditor General, 28 June 2017
Soon after the release of the AG’s annual report, GGA invited the AG (Kimi Makwetu) and esteemed panellists to a discussion on the Transformative impact on information. The event was brought to light by the AG’s presentation; a fact based panel discussion as well as a interesting dialogue from the question and answer segment.

Mbizana community feedback workshop, 21-24 August 2017
GGA has conducted research in Mbizana , which was identified as the lowest performing municipality in GGA’s ground breaking Governance Performance Index. GGA embarked on research from Nkantolo to Bizana in May 2017. The workshop, which was held in Ludeke and Bizana, was to provide feedback to the Mbizana community on the findings of the study. The outcome documents are available in both English and isiXhosa.

Informal economy workshop, 10 October 2017
The workshop was targeted at giving comprehensive feedback in the form of a full Mbizana Municipality Local Governance Report. The report was on the research conducted in Mbizana thus far. The workshop was characterised by a presentation of the report and engaging discussions from participants. Recommendations were made to this effect.

Land book launch, 28 November 2017
This volume represents the first of two books dedicated to the topic of land as part of the Natural Resources Programme of Good Governance Africa, which emphasises enhanced governance, stewardship and sustainability, especially in respect of Africa’s non-renewable resources. GGA is a non-profit organisation focused on exploring and advancing the key governance principles of democracy, accountability and transparency, upholding the rule of law and respect for human rights. The Launch was held at the GGA offices in Rosebank.

Land Reform workshop, 29 November 2017
The workshop comprised a presentation from the authors, panel discussions and a keynote presentation by the Honourable Pumzile Justice Mnguni, Whip at Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Rural Development and Land Reform. The workshop was exciting and engaging and provided a platform for open discussions.

Extremism workshop, 5 December 2017
In 2016, Good Governance Africa (GGA), which maintains offices in Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa, commissioned a book on violent extremism in Africa as part of the Institute’s ongoing National and Human Security Programme. This book sought to bring together voices from across the continent and globally to provide original analysis into some of the most pressing issues related to violent extremism on the continent today.

On the 5th December 2017, GGA hosted a panel discussion, where a selection of speakers presented on important trends in violent extremism in both South Africa and the continent, and evaluated approaches to addressing these threats.