West Africa

The centre, independently, without any political manipulation carries out its mandate through academically based research and facts-based advocacy campaigns which improve governments’ performance within the sub-region by strengthening institutions and building consensus through capacity building, sensitization programmes and orientation of the citizenry on best governance practices. The prime focus of GGA WA are the under listed thematic areas;

  1. Land and Property Rights
    1. Institutions, stakeholders and citizenry are aware of their rights relating to land and property.
    2. The Acquisition of land for investment purposes under land governance in Ghana
      Acquiring large scale land in Ghana and sustainable development
    3. The impact of land grabbing on small holder farmers in rural Ghana
    4. Land Ownership structure in Ghana
  2. Education and sensitization
    1. Educational institutions and staff are imparted with skills to improve on teaching and information delivery to students/pupils.
    2. Kindergarten education as the basic foundation for higher formal education
  3. General promotion of good governance
    1. Principles of good governance are promoted and understood by citizenry.
    2. Institutions put the appropriate systems in place to ensure availability of services owed to citizenry as enshrined in the nation’s constitution.
    3. Citizenry are empowered to demand accountability from government and governmental institutions.
    4. Conduct researches in matters pertaining to governance in Anglophone West Africa.

GGA-West Africa believes that, a country is well governed when the following three broad objectives are met;
First, citizens must have a say in how the country is run. This implies that there should be democracy, accountability, and transparency.
Second, the rule of law and human, civil, minority and property rights should be upheld and enforced by a legitimate government with separate, independent branches of power.
Third, the government should pursue inclusive and growth-oriented policies.


GGA-West Africa aspires to promote the creation of a governance environment of accountability and the rule of law; one in which business can flourish and Africans can become well-informed and assertive citizens.


Our mission is to stimulate discussions centred on fact-based knowledge researches and be lead advocates of good governance practices.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR – Mrs. Tina Asante-Apeatu

Tina is an accomplished Programme Manager and Facilitator, with well-built reputation in NGO programme coordination – managing for result/impact.
She trained and has long-standing professional experience in the field of international development, building an extensive career in project design, planning, management, monitoring and evaluation after originally training in office management.

Consequently, Tina has attained immense experience in the areas of Political Education, Rule of Law and Citizen Participation; working in multicultural and multilingual environment in Africa and Europe.

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