Good Governance Africa SADC seeks to build a bridge between government and the private sector in the African countries we work in, while striving to strengthen civil society and promote grassroots democracy.

Core programmes

We research, analyse and interpret information to produce fact-based knowledge in five fundamental areas: local governance, natural resources, national security, child development and youth formation, and the promotion of ethical values and spirituality.

We also produce two flagship publications – Africa in Fact, our in-house quarterly journal and the Africa Survey, an annual compendium of some 1,600 economic, social and political indicators.

Africa in Fact is freely available as both an online and print publication and enjoys a diverse readership approaching 10,000 subscribers worldwide. The Africa Survey is a comprehensive collection of figures and infographics covering all 55 African countries. Updated annually with trend analyses, it is an exceptional data and information resource for researchers, analysts, investors, business people, representatives of governmental and non-governmental organisations alike.


Dr Alain Tschudin
Executive Director


Lloyd Coutts
Head of Publications


Michelle Venter
Acting General Manager & Head of Development

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Phone +27 11 268 0479