About GGA Nigeria

Mission: To contribute to good governance, through research, policy engagement and other such activities that help promote sustainable socio-economic development in Africa’s largest economy and most populous country.

GGA-Nigeria’s Core Programmes

As the pre-eminent Centre of Excellence working to improve governance in the country, GGA-Nigeria’s activities are organized around three core thematic pillars that reflect Nigeria’s most pressing challenges and opportunities:

a) Improving the Business Environment (BIZ-ENV PROGRAMME)
This programme will cover analysis of “software” issues that currently constrain well-functioning markets and dynamic business sectors in Nigeria. Priority themes will include enhanced corporate governance, competitiveness and Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility. It will lead pioneering research on standardized reporting and transparent accounting, which cuts both the way of government and business.

b) Extractives, Power & Oil Sector Reform (EXT-REF PROGRAMME)
This programme is concerned with reform of Nigeria’s extractive industries (oil and gas, and the re-emerging mining sector), which together constitute the primary, lifeline sources of government revenue, even though the overall share of extractives has shrunk significantly to just over ten percent of Nigeria’s increasingly diversified economy. Also, how the reform of taxation and overall fiscal provisions in these sectors can help Nigeria recalibrate its focus from ‘Gas-for-Export’ to ‘Gas-to-Power’ projects will be key themes for the programme.

c) Enabling Innovation & Sustainability Drivers (INN-SUS PROGRAMME)
This programme aims to uncover and upscale successful governance innovations by connecting them to sources of technical and financial support. It will work to unearth successful governance experiments and tested local models of sustainable transformation. By helping to “tell the story”, this programme hopes to help turn evidence-led innovations into replicable solutions that can in time be applied and scaled-up across all of Nigeria’s 36 states. The programme will pay particular attention to locally-inspired accountability frameworks, youth, gender and empowerment, climate innovations, as well as agricultural development and catalysts at all levels of government in Nigeria.

Contact: Telephone: +234 1 4627411-3. Email: info.nigeria@gga.org – 3rd Floor Africa Re Building,
Plot 1679, Karimu Kotun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.